Xero experts for your business

It’s really no secret we are pro-Xero.
It’s because we think it’s the best online accounting solution of our time;
It uses technology intelligently, is primed for data automation, and boasts an intuitive and attractive user interface.

We offer the full suite of Xero services. If you’re ready to start, we can help you transition from another system to Xero; or if your hand is up for some expert help, we can get you out of a spot of Xero trouble.

And when you’re ready to become an expert yourself, we have designed training courses to help you learn Xero from A-Z.


  • Thanks for a fantastic session yesterday. As always Tina’s presentation was terrific and full of really useful content and pitched perfectly, it was exactly what I was hoping for and expecting... What is particularly valuable is the stuff that the Abacus team knows because you use it all day, everyday - really useful tips, you can’t beat being shown that kind of thing. I love the deep dives.

    Cummins Consulting Pty Ltd