Case Study: Xero Consulting and Workflowmax Setup, Geelong

Case Study; Goop Digital, Geelong

We can workshop your current processes, identify any issues and find ways to improve the process. In the below example, improving a key process had an immediate positive impact on gross profit.

The end-to-end process of Job Management.

Starting with quotes, we standardised as much as possible using templates to help reduce the time involved. We used the opportunity to improve the pricing structure, set expectations and create clear boundaries around scope of work.

We progressed to time and cost management to ensure each and every job was assessed for profitability. Reports allowed the ability to link profit back to quotes and ask the following questions: Did we quote correctly? Did we manage the job efficiently? Can we improve profitability next time we do the same type of job?

Other parts of the job management process include improving the speed and ease of invoicing and adding payment options to make it easier for clients to pay.

In many cases we have integrated Xero with job management software such as Workflowmax to support better processes. We invite you to get in touch; we’d love to discuss which of your processes are your pain point, and identify which processes could be automated to improve your profit.