Xero Payroll makes STP compliance a piece of cake (and a coffee)

It’s been standard policy to report our payroll details at the end of the financial year, and sometimes throughout the year.  Single Touch Payroll requires that you report Salaries, wages, PAYG withholdings and superannuation every time you pay your employees – so if you pay weekly, you report weekly.

Using Xero Payroll, this is easy!  

There are no separate reports, no downloading and uploading files through portals.  It’s as simple as setting up Xero Payroll to lodge STP reports (which takes a single phone call) and then you process your payroll as per normal.  After you finish processing your payroll, you select “File” and the payroll details are sent straight to the ATO. All done!  

Xero Payroll is a simple and easy way for you to become STP compliant.  Want more info or need a hand to get set up?

Here’s some more info about Xero and STP

Talk to us about a free demo of Xero payroll (the cake and coffee aint bad either) to see if its the right solution for your business.