Case Study: Xero Bookkeeping for Kyneton Osteopath

The customer:  Organic Mechanic is based in Kyneton, and run by Osteopath, Isabel Mettler.  The Organic Mechanic team consists of medically trained manual therapists who work to provide long term relief and wellness for every body.  They are loved by their clients for providing the Macedon Ranges with gentle osteopathy for the whole family

The challenge:  To begin with Isabel had too many bank accounts.  The business and private accounts were intertwined, and keeping these separate was difficult.  Organic Mechanic were finding it difficult to be on time with their tax lodgements. The bookkeeping was somewhat stressful, as she was trying to maintain spreadsheets and save receipts.  It was hard to see how the business was running, and more transparency was required.

The journey:  Initially Organic Mechanic were working with spreadsheets, and maintaining a folder for monthly receipts.  While this was an organised system, it was an entirely manual system, and it was easy to make mistakes or miss things.  It made tax time a stressful time, as tracking down old receipts and handing over spreadsheets to the accountant seemed to take longer than it should.  Cliniko was being used to track patients, but was not supporting the bookkeeping side of things.

The discovery:  Isabel from Organic Mechanic had met Tina as a patient at the clinic. Tina couldn’t help but speak up when Isabel mentioned the problems she had with her current bookkeeping system. Tina was very approachable and “not scary, and didn’t judge me for the mess I was in”.

The solution:  After having a look at the existing accounts setup for Organic Mechanic, the team at Abacus Training was able to recommend that Xero and Square would both be a great fit for Organic Mechanic.   

Xero would be able to provide bank feeds directly from the bank, which stopped all the manual data entry into spreadsheets.  Square kept track of all eftpos and credit payments and synced into Xero, making tracking income much easier. Isabel was able to use the Xero App to take photos of all receipts, which meant no more chasing paper receipts as they were uploaded straight into Xero.

The implementation:  Abacus set up Xero for Organic Mechanic, and transferred over the information in the spreadsheets into Xero.  As Isabel mentioned, it was a big learning curve, going from a mostly manual system over to a more online, automated system. Quite some work needed to be done to catch everything up to date. Banking habits were changed. New systems were put into place to make everything work more smoothly.  

One of the highlights of Xero was the bank feeds, which Isabel loves, as it makes it so much easier to have the data automatically all in one place, ready to work with.  Once Xero was set up correctly, Abacus then provided quarterly bookkeeping and BAS services to keep Organic Mechanic on track.

The results:  

  • Less stress:  The implementation of Xero by Abacus Training has reduced the quarterly BAS headaches and the yearly tax anxiety that caused major stress for Isabel.  
  • More transparency:  She now has much more transparency with her business books, and much more up to date information throughout the year, which allows Isabel to make better decisions which regard to the business.
  • More control:  As time has gone by, and Isabel feels more confident, she has taken over more of the bookkeeping duties herself within Xero, and she hopes in the future, with some more training, to be able to complete most of the bookkeeping herself (time permitting!).  
  • Makes the Accountant happy:  Liaising with her accountant in Melbourne has now become easier, as her accountant can now jump into Xero and access all her business information in one place, rather than going through manual receipts and spreadsheets.  

Abacus Training are happy to continue to support Organic Mechanic in Kyneton on their journey to have more control over their accounts.  We continue to offer training on how to get the best out of Xero for Organic Mechanic’s needs now and on into the future.