Single Touch Payroll setup using Xero payroll

Do you want to use Xero payroll for STP reporting?

From 1st July 2019, employers need to report your payroll details directly to the ATO each time they process a pay run. That means, if you run a weekly payroll, you need to report to the ATO on a weekly basis.

We know from experience, that Xero payroll software is a great solution for Australian businesses. Xero software is STP enabled, and once setup, is very simple to use. In fact it virtually automates your payroll. It’s also feature rich and provides you with extra perks like the employee portal. Read Xero Automation to discover more.

If your current software or processes are not STP compliant, talk to us and we’ll help you assess your options. We offer different ways to help you become STP compliant:

For those who prefer to setup their own payroll:

  • Free Information Session; we cover the new legislation and answer your questions.
  • Online training; We train you in Xero payroll setup, and Xero payroll processing
  • Guided setup via a training workshop; You learn and setup your payroll as you go.

For those looking for a payroll setup and ongoing payroll services:

  • We setup your payroll; your fastest and simplest option to becoming STP compliant.
  • We process your payroll; let us take care of your regular payroll and reporting requirements.

Xero makes Single Touch Payroll easy for you and your business. Talk to us for more information.