Accounting Industry Training Content

Xero Learn; Xero’s Student Learning Platform

Xero Learn is revolutionary; it won the AFR award for best service innovation in 2018.

Our team has a unique skill set, creating Xero learning content for your RTO, University or School curriculum. We love designing content that develops skills that are in demand in today’s workforce by providing real business scenarios, tasks and guidance for students to work through.

Accounting Industry Training Content

If you play a part in the accounting industry eco-system, you may need someone to create and produce training content for your clients or end users.

Tina’s projects include several online and on-demand courses available on XeroU. Among these are technical training courses along with client onboarding courses.

Her latest project has been a collaboration with the Institute of Public Accountants, creating the content for theĀ ‘IPA Public BAS Practitioner Program’. Tina created, presented and recorded 10 modules which are available on-demand for members who wish to be IPA certified BAS practitioners.